About Us

 Hey there! 

I am so glad you stopped by The Filling Station Goods & Gifts.  I started this dream of opening a small business when I was just nine years old.  My dad saw a frozen yogurt shop for sale and said "You should buy that yogurt shop!" Now at nine we all realize my dad was the one that needed the execution tactics to make that idea come to fruition. Even though it never got past the vision, my dad's words planted a seed. 

Over the years my husband threw water on the seed my dad planted when I was a little girl. He challenged me to dig deep and consider setting some goals for myself. It took a lot of digging and a lot of time, because that seed had been buried deep beneath a long standing career and kids, among other things. 

I picked up Bob Goff's "Dream Big" book in 2020 and it finally sprouted that seed of opening a small business, in the heart of my community. It took a year to define that small business, but when the owner of our last remaining gift shop passed away, I knew that was it. I wanted to run a home goods and gift shop!

The Filling Station Goods & Gifts was born to promote local artisans, our compatriots and their American-made products, and educate on small steps we can take to be a more sustainable community. We are committed to prioritizing these core values in our shop.

Looking forward to meeting you at the shop in the near future!

- Kristin De Mers, Owner


Post Script: We get asked all the time "How did you come to name your shop 'The Filling Station Goods & Gifts'?" That's a fun answer!  I knew I wanted to name our shop something that was meaningful to me, and that paid homage to my strong, independent grandmothers. 

A few years back I read "The All-Girl Filling Station Last Reunion" by Fannie Flagg. It was a WONDERFUL story and had me thinking about my late grandmother, a WWII WASP, 99 and owner of her own flight school, as I turned each page. As I was thinking about locations, and names, this one stuck out. I just kept coming back to it and knew that we would also have a refill station as part of our business model, so it just felt right.