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Dip - Life Preserver: Black Draining Soap Dish (single unit)

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We spent a year trying every solution to keep the bars lasting in the shower:  ceramic, cement, bamboo, metal, flat, angled, slotted, smooth AND THE WINNER IS... Sleek, Angled, Powder Coated , Stainless Steel  EASY TO CLEAN This shower holder just needs to run under water to get back to new.  No scrubbing or elbow grease necessary. Please do not dishwash with harsh chemical detergents. SLEEK AS HELL Eco fancy is as eco fancy does.  We like to keep our shower looking & feeling high end. This design allows the bar to dry and solves the problem of the bar getting stuck to a slotted coaster in hot climates WORKS WELL WITH ALL SIZES OF DIP BARS Whether you're a "big dipper" or prefer to "mini dip", this is the right move for you.