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Morgan Machado

Local Author Debut Novel | Keller and Callahan | By Morgan Machado

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Finding your best friend and soulmate is rare and special. Finding your best friend and soulmate when you are ten years old can be life changing.

Sam Callahan was a ten year old boy with an abusive father and a passive mother, who went days without clean clothes or food in his belly more often than he could count. That was until he met Olivia Keller, whose father owned the campground on the lake. Olivia's bravery and kindness felt like a much-needed lifeline for Sam, whose heart grabbed hold of the friendship and never let go.

Years went by as their friendship grew deeper - they had the world at their fingertips during the Summer before their senior year of high school, until Sam's father destroyed their lives, sending Sam away in the process.

Ten years have passed, and both Sam and Olivia have created their own lives and careers, having carried on without the other half of their heart. Until an old ghost resurfaces and forces Sam back to Keller Campground to face his old demons -- and Olivia.

Will the love they had for each other as children be enough to bridge the gap of the decade they spent apart, or will old heartbreak prove too much to overcome?