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Mini Lip Repair (3-pack)

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How many times do you make it through a sliver of a chapstick before it melts or gets lost? Mangiacotti has solved those issues with their three-pack of MINI lip repair balms. What's thrice as nice? Well this means that you can buy one package and keep one in the car, next to your bed and in your purse...or share your favorite with a friend!

- Made with organic ingredients

- Naturally moisturizes, hydrates and nourishes dry chapped lips

- Protection for dry, cold or windy conditions

- 3 mini tubes in each gift box


Fragrance Notes

  • Jasmine Plum: A modern, abstract floral fragrance with a delicate balance of jasmine, violets, juicy plum, subtle sandalwood and musk.
  • Clementine:  This wonderful citrus flavor includes top notes of tangerine, orange, grapefruit and a fresh base note of vanilla bean for a warm finish.
  • Lemon Verbena:  A tart, juicy lemon fragrance with a distinct lemon citron top note, a verbena nuance and lemon rind base note.
  • Pomegranate:  Top notes of pomegranate, sparkling citrus, juicy papaya, with hints of blackberry, iris, jasmine and a base note of red cassis.